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page is always under construction !   FC 04/11/2015  CSB5

A lot has happened in the past  years ,
and I didn't had enough time to update this website-section all the time ,
the most recent updates are done within the events-sections .
Please check also the navigation-index on my main-website for the individual sub-categories
More updates will follow

our TankACE website is back online !

my own AAF-TankMuseums website :

battle-events-schedule 2015 for the AAF-TankMuseum in Danville,VA

New gear-box's for our 1/16 + 1/15 scale tanks !

online-shop added !!!!

metal track's , suspension part's , transmission's and more

Daryl Turner tank-upgrade shop
precision machined upgrade + option parts
( will be updated soon ! )

1/16 scale model-kits made in Germany :
"Juckenburg "

( click above for more info's ! )

Navigation Index

soon you will find here more photos and infos
about awsome custom-build fully functional R/C tanks
mainly in the scales 1/15 and 1/16 but also other scales
plus infos on upgrades and option parts
 I will keep updating , so come back and check what's new ...

future "all-wheel-drive-events" in Danville,VA ??
We are doing it now !

at the AAF-Tank-museum in Danville,VA
click here for more info's !

old subject , but "HOT" again
WSN T-34 conversion with Tamiya TBU system

WeCoHe 1/16 scale Panther is here !
available now ! click here for more detailed info's !

click this photo to go to my 1/24 scale Marui Tanker-page

and this will bring you to my 1/6 scale Stuart-page

and this will bring you to my tanker-section on my main-website
where you will find my own custom-build tanks and trucks
and infos on my own upgrade-parts , gear-reduction's , motor's and more

New US-Military style tires :

New Tank-transporter-projects
US-M26 Dragonwagon and German Krupp-Titan
it's done now ! first test-drives in action !

Half-Truck-Crane project

some of my tanker-buddies I have now infected with the building of
other then ordinary tank-project's
check out these cool projects :
( click on the photos to find out more...)
more trucks .....

Berge-Panther                                           and the fastest tank in the neighborhood

Update on Tank-Gear-Reductions

"Heavy-Metal" Tiger gearboxes
and tips for installing the "big-block"-motors on the old style gearboxes

Willys Armory
a listing ( with photos ) of my constant growing collection of R/C armor vehicles


Installation-instructions for 2nd and 3rd generation gear-reductions

helpfull tips and hints :

1/16 Sherman 4 channel upgrade

How to convert your Transmitter for independent control of the machine gun and main gun firing

Transmitter Stick-mode

for the History-buff's :

Tanks of the Second World War  
( click on photo for more ...)

Tamiya's "Cyber Sherman"
Tamiya Sherman 4501

NEW : ready to run out of the box :

1/16 scale R/C Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun

cheaper alternative for an 1/16 scale R/C tank with airsoft-gun !
you can buy this tank here ....
click the photo for more infos....
NEW 1/16 scale R/C Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun  R/C system upgrade NEW

NEW  1/16 Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun mechanical upgrades NEW

if you like these black & white photos , click here to see them in full-size

NEW proportional R/C upgrades for tanks NEW

HOT - NEW arrival
   1/16 R/C T34/85  

                                                                       take a look inside ! ( click the photo ! )                                                                  
                                                                        WSN T-34 conversion
                                                                         to full option IR-battle-ready
                                                                        with Tamiya TBU system

1/16 Airsoft Tiger 1 and Mitsuwa T 34 , side by side comparison

NEW helpfull tips and hints : NEW
I am starting here a new section for FAQ about Tamiya's
( and other manufacture's ) R/C tanks

check out the photos from past tank-battle-events

R/C tank-battle event March 2005
so far the "biggest" ever...

check out the Museums website where these events take place

for more photos of past events check out

my Events page

as well

my Photos page

here now some more of these custom-build jobs :


Marty's 1/16 EASY 8 SHERMAN

1/16 Sherman 4 channel upgrade

Justin's 1/8 Jagd-Panther

Aaron's 1/8 Jagd-Tiger

Willy's Panther ( illusion ??? )

T-2000 Caterpillar ESC with inbuild 4-Channel Receiver

if you like to discuss these Tanks  go to my forum :
( but write Tanks in the subject line , since more when just the Tanks will be discussed in that forum... )

our "TankAce" website :

the "HEAT" website
our tanker-buddy's from NC

or check  the Yahoo-Group  : ArmorNutsRCArmorhut
but in the meantime there is more going on on RCUniverse !

any Idea's / questions / comments ?

we wish you all a
a happy and successful 2015 !
and don't forget :
Work is not everything ! Get a hobby !
enjoy Live ! Have fun with the R/C hobby!

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