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and trucking events

on the Danville Indoor tank-battle-field

it is gone happen this Thanksgiving weekend !
Friday , Saturday , Sunday , 27,28,29 Nov-2009

at  the

AAF TankMuseum in Danville , VA

I posted this here a few years back ( in 2004 ) ,
but never did get enough people for it , nor did I had the time to get it organized .
Now since the monster-trucks have been reborn ,
crawlers and scale 4WD enthusiasts and 6WD semi-tractors are out there
and I got several of my tanker-buddy's hooked on these type vehicles ,
it's about time we gone do this !

I called it original "all-wheel-drive-event" ,
but this is not really the case , "off-road" would be maybe the better description ,
but even that would not be fully correct , since I been running my semi-trucks
on this awesome , over 6000 square feet large indoor play-ground ,
and just recently also some of my good old Tamiya collector cars !
we want anything , but tanks , for these type of events !

after the recent tank-battle-event , Doug and myself had such a blast .......

......running his new crawlers and my misc new and old Tamiya trucks
that we just decided to finally do this !
( click the image above to see what we did that Sunday afternoon , IT IS a MUST SEE ! )
( there is a link there to get back to this page ! )


so , after you looked at all the photos and videos ,
doesn't it tickle to get all these good old Bruiser's , Blackfoot's and what not
out of the closet and get them out in the field again ?

and you semi-truckers and construction-vehicles guys ,
doesn't it tickle you too to do a little "digging around" in an oversized scale layout ?

to my Indy-mini-truckers :
we also have more when enough running space around this battlefield
to set up all kind a cool trucking stuff !
if you check out my events section , you will see that I do warehouse setups and such outside from the battlefield !

besides running my tank-transporters !

For the ones knowing the Danville battlefield in his previous stage ,
Doug is working on some changes at the moment to make it more truck friendly ..
Wider and lower bridges ( no steep inclines ) , concrete roads within the town
And probably a real rock-crawling area ( with real rocks )

check out the photos from the September 2008 tankbattle weekend ,
I did here some good over-view photos of the battlefield
and you see some good photos of semi truck-action
in and off the side of the battlefield

and here are some more cool photos showing our semi-trucks on the battlefield
during the September 2006 tankbattle weekend

with the changes to the field Doug is working on right now ,
this is gone be a fantastic playground for all sorts of trucking-action and events !
as you could see on the photos we have also plenty of work-space for setup ,
and more when enough room to run any kind stuff which doesn't work for the battlefield

so come on and check it out !
and bring your semi-trucks or other trucking / crawler / collector goodies you have .
anything between 1/18 all the way up to 1/10 scale will work fine !
the battlefield is done for the 1/15 and 1/16 scale tanks ,
therefore that is the preferred scale ,
but as you could see on our photos and videos from past Sunday
our 1/10 scale crawlers and scale 4WD's work and look great on this field !

besides all that , any tech-nut has to see the Museum anyway's ,
they do have a fantastic collection !

it is gone happen this Thanksgiving weekend !
Friday , Saturday , Sunday , 27,28,29 Nov-2009

at  the

AAF TankMuseum in Danville , VA

if the weather is nice enough we are also planning to go to the nearby park to do some rock-crawling !

UPDATE 11-22-2009
Events schedule and other info's

registration for the trucking and crawler event ( doc )

( for easier frequency control , and less hassle during the event  
you could use that registration-doc file to fill out and email back to me , thanks ! )

registration for the trucking and crawler event ( pdf )

schedule for the trucking and crawler event ( pdf )

trucking and crawler event rules ( pdf )

directions to Sunday off-site R/C event ( pdf )

map for Sunday off-site R/C event ( pdf )    

please send  me an email
to :

willy at customrcmodels dot com


customrcmodels at aol dot com

trucking event

or call me at :

860 - 836 - 4652
( if I don't pick up , please leave a message ,
this is my work-cell-phone )

you can also use the Museums link and email or call to find out more

I hope to see many of you guys !


( my old original post from 2004  below )

Hello tanker's ..I don't know , but I was wondering if any of you
have any other R/C vehicles besides tanks ?

I am trying to find guys would be interested in some sort of
or what they call it in Germany "Trial-trucking"...

many of you have read about this awesome Danville battle-field…
check out the photos and videos I have on my website :
(not only tanks , you see also my tank-transporter’s / trucks in action !)

well this battle-field could be used also for other events,
like “all-wheel-drive-trucking”

now I would like to find out if there would be enough interest
under the trucker's and 4WD or rock-crawling guys ,
to meet in Danville to do some sort of "all-wheel-drive" events...

this tank-battle-field is build in the 1/16 scale ..
means it would be also great for any type of modified Tamiya semi-tractors ( 1/14 )
or even the good old Robby Panther's ,
or any other home-build projects , scale wouldn't matter so much ,
more like the size ..the truck or vehicle shouldn't be much bigger
as a Tamiya semi-tractor or a tamiya 4WD vehicle ,
like the 1/12 Hummer
or the 1/10 scale Jeep Wrangler , or the Pajero
or the 4WD race-trucks like the Chevy-S10 or Ford F-150....
these vehicles should be setup for slower speeds ,
since this Danville terrain is not made for racing ,
but great for all kind of 4WDriving action ....
like they do in Germany..

or even just "digging" around ,
if anybody has some sort of construction-vehicles....

Tamiya's new 1/18 scale TLT-1 "little Monster-truck"
is just build for that ....( with the use of a slower motor )

I like to get some groups together would like to join me
going there once in a while and instead doing tank-battles ,
to do trucking and off-roading ...

let me know what sort of vehicles you guys have what may would work
to be used in this sort of terrain ...

check out My Webpage , where you will find photos from this
Danville-battle-field , and check my tank-transporters
( based on Tamiya's semi tractors ,
what is a blast to drive around on that battle-field ! )
for an example what could be used for this kind of all-wheel-drive-action....
maybe each one of you could write up what sort of R/C vehicles you
have , so we could figure which ones would be good for Danville ...

the whole idea behind this is to do even more R/C events ,
not only tank-battles…each event attracts more visitors to the Museum
what helps to support it with all his real size Armour Vehicles!
this tank-battle-field did cost a lot of money and time to get setup
and could be used more often……….
Danville is in anybody not to lazy to drive a few hours
to have an awesome "R/C action weekend " , please let me know ....

comments , questions , idea's about the " all-wheel-drive-events " in Danville ?

please send me an email to :

willy at customrcmodels dot com
subject :

June 2004 / update Nov 2009