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Juckenburg 1/16 scale military kits made in Germany
new large ( 1/16 scale ) highly detailed military ( static ) model-kits made from resin

I will post more info's as they come available ,
and I am already in contact with the manufacture
and will get some of these kits hopefully within the next few weeks

then I also check on options how to convert these models to R/C

these model-kits are already available !
send me an email , if you like more infos !
to :
info at customrcmodels dot com
write in the subject line : Juckenburg-models

click on the images for more details

E - 100

Maus ( Mouse )


Famo with Bilstein crane

WWI Panzer A7V and A7V multi

Jagd - Tiger with Porsche suspension

Conversion KV1 to KV85

for a listing of all available kits click here !


updated 7-31-2013