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proportional R/C upgrades for tanks
here now the overview of available proportional R/C upgrades I worked out for the various tanks

some examples :
1 / 24  Marui ( Hen Long )  tanks
1 / 16   Hen Long Tiger 1
1 / 6   M 5 Stuart
1 / 16 Trumpeter T34 / 85

 these upgrades can be used with any 4 or more channel radios ,
I recommend minimum 5 or better a 6 channel radio ,
since you get much better radios in the 5/6 channel class for a small amount $$ more ...

option # 1
for 1/24 - 1/25 scale Marui/Hen Long/Academy and for the 1/16 Hen Long Tiger
and 1/16 Trumpeter T 34/85

1x mini-dual-ESC with in build mixer for driving ( for Tamiya style DMD driving )
and 3rd channel for firing-control $ 95.-
1x mini dual ESC for turret-rotation and gun-elevation $ 75.-
( total $ 170.- )

option # 2
for 1/15 - 1/16 and larger scales

2x 12 volt ESC's for driving + 1x mixer for ESC's ( for Tamiya style DMD driving ) $ 125.-
1x mini-dual-ESC for turret-rotation and gun-elevation with 3rd channel for firing-controll $ 95.-
( total $ 220.- )


mini-dual-ESC with in build mixer for driving and 3rd channel for firing-control
( or as turret-rotation and gun-elevation for larger scale tanks )
* Size: 1.6 x 1.6 x .5
* Weight: 22 grams with servo leads installed
* Four R/C input leads for
* Left and Right Drive
* Auxiliary Weapon - proportional - forward only
* Flip Control
* 4.8V to 22V battery voltage (up to 36V with some component changes)
* 6A peak, 2.5A continuous (4.5A with heatsink) current on Left and Right drive channels.
May be combined into a single 12A continuous forward/reverse channel.
This is a real 2.5A rating i.e. you can put 2.5A through the drive channels the better part of a full match with higher peaks for a few seconds.
* 12A continuous, 35A peak current on the Weapon/AUX channel.
This can be used to drive a forward-only motor such as a spinning weapon or sumo vacuum system.
* Full current-limiting and over-temp limiting on drive and Aux channels. This thing is nearly blow proof!
* Drive chips mounted on the bottom of the board for easy attachement of heat sink if desired.
Not generally necessary but it will extend the time you can run at above 2.5A per drive channel.
* Flip input reverses motor direction when the robot is inverted.
May be operated via an R/C channel or via a mechanical (gravity) or optical etc. switch.
* 4 indicator LEDs for Left/Right speed and direction and Aux speed.
A status LED shows the R/C signal status and other information
* Left/Right channel mixing is the default may be disabled
* Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard may be disabled if desired.
This can provide up to 100 mA of current at 5V to the RC receiver and other attached electronic circuits.
(Must be de-rated for input voltage above 12V)
* Safe start for Aux channel disables the robot at power up until the Aux channel is in the 'off' position.
* Failsafe shuts off motors and weapon if R/C signal is lost
* FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software via in-circuit programming header

mini dual ESC for turret-rotation and gun-elevation
- 1-1/2" sq board, 1-1/4" hole pattern for 4-40 bolts.
- 8 grams no connectors, 13.5 grams with connectors
- 5-14 cell NiCad or NiMh input (6V - 16.8V) OR 2-7 cell LiPoly
- Left/Right drive rated for 2.0 amps each, 5 amp peak. Fully protected against overloads and shorts.
- Selectable channel mixing for single stick control.
- Selectable exponential transfer curve for greater control.
- +5v power supplied to radio. (Battery elimination circuit -BEC)
- Ultra efficient driver needs no heat sink.
- Advanced switching for precise control at low speeds.
- FLIP input for automatic drive correction of invertible robots compatible with R/C signals OR contact closure (cable not included).
- Status LED indicating signal presence for each channel or fault conditions with drivers (over temperature, over current or disconnected motor)

12 volt ESC
high power Gen Xi-FET technology with a new heavy duty, light weight heatsink which provides 50% more effective cooling!
The new intelligent power delivery system (PDS) minimises wasted power,
maximises traction and reduces motor wear and heat.
100% Waterproof
15A motor limit
6.0V to 12.0V Operating voltage (5 to 10 cells)
1KHz drive frequency
0.07V drop at 10A
Maximum current rating, 15A
1.2A BEC
Dimensions : L35.0mm x W36.0mm x H14.0mm
Weight : 55g
Instant reverse action!

with this little device you can connected and operate 2x ESC's
to get the Tamiya DMD style driving ....
( or also called joy-stick-style driving )
insteed controlling each ESC individuel ,
the signals for both ESC's get mixed ...
example :
left control-stick forward/backwards = both motors run forward/backwards
right control-stick left/right = motors turn in opposite direction for steering
the mixing is proportional , means you can turn your tank on the spot up to real large smooth turns

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December  2004