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Justins Jagd-Panther    1/8 scale
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The following is what I paid for the parts in the tank new, without shipping and installation:
JagdPanther -$2700 (that is with shipping)
Futaba 6 channel Radio -$200
Sound system -$400
Vantec ESC -$300
3 different 12volt batteries -$200
Switches, Fan, Ect. -$100
Total with out my labor =$3900.00
I have done a great deal of modification to the tank since I got it:
-I have hollowed out the main vents in the back
-Made the hatches work
-Made 2 brass supports to prevent body flexing
-Wired all of the systems
-Extended the side armor to correct length
-Acquired, built, and painted a 1/8 commander
I have made this a great runner, with a HUGE potential for making it a super detailed tank. I have left it so that the new owner can make it most any version of the JagdPanther they wish. I will also include the details seen below, as well as the commander.
I would like to get $3500 plus shipping for this tank. I will consider REASONABLE offers. I am selling this tank in order to gain more projects,
I am not trying to make any money, just get as much back as I can :-) Here is what you will get:
-The Tank with Speed control, Sound Unit, Radio, batteries, chargers for the batteries and the radio, and a cart to move it around inside so your wife won't yell :-)

Justin Day    01/17/2004

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