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1/16 scale R/C Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun  R/C system upgrade
It's done now !

( see also : 1/16 Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun mechanical upgrades )

check out the video !
( click on the photo to watch or download ! )
fully proportional driving-function , gun-elevation and turret-rotation !

the included R/C system doesn't cut it if you want precise control over your tank
since the purchase-price for this tank is so cheap ,
it's well worth it to consider an R/C upgrade ...
in this case I am thinking about option's
what a beginner in the R/C hobby also could reuse at a later time for any other R/C model
I have done quite a few R/C upgrade's for all kind of different models,
like for the 1/6 scale Stuart tank from 21st Century
or for the 1/24 scale Marui tanks ...
just to name a few...

the cheapest way
( if you can do a little on your own , like connecting wire's , using a soldiering-iron )
would be the use of Futaba's 4 channel 27mhz 4WD radio ,
with microswitch equipped servos to trigger the individual functions

this Futaba 27mhz 4 channel system cost you around $ 125.- ( plus -minus )
and calculate around $ 3.- to $ 5.- per micro-switch ...

microswitches glued to the servos ......

this would not give you proportional controls , but much more precise triggering of the individual functions
and to a later time you could replace the micro-switch equipped servos with ESC's
 ( electronic speed controllers to get proportional capability's )

here a a few recommend units :

this is a dual-ESC with onboard mixer
( to get the same driving-capability's like with a much more expensive Tamiya DMD controller )
plus an extra channel what can be used to trigger the firing-function of the air-soft-gun

this dual-ESC comes with servo-lead's already connected ,
so no soldering required and the motor's and battery connections are screw-terminals ,
so easy to connect ... cost $ 95.-
( compared to an Tamiya DMD-controller what would cost you around $ 150,-
plus another $ 40,- for the 3rd channel-upgrade for the firing-function )

then use in combination with this dual-ESC  1 micro-switch equipped servo to control the turret-rotation
and 1 micro-switch equipped servo connected parallel to the firing-channel to control the gun-elevation ...

or as a better choice ( with the use of a 5 to 6 channel radio system )
this dual-ESC to get proportional control over the turret-rotation and gun-elevation

this dual-ESC comes also with servo-leads already connected
and screw-terminals for the motor- and battery connections
cost $ 75.-

for more info's on the used components see also :
proportional R/C upgrades for tanks

instead of the Futaba 27 mhz AM 4 channel radio ,
this Hitec Laser 4 channel  75 mhz FM radio
is a great start into the much better 75 mhz FM class...

cost $ 125.-
( much better deal as the Futaba 27 mhz AM radio ! )

or the even better
Hitec Laser 6 channel 75 mhz FM radio-system

the cost for this real good 6 channel system is an amazing $ 150.- !
( my choice for this R/C conversation ! )
this radio has all the bell's and whistles you expect from much more expensive radio-system's ,
like dual-rate , servo-reverse , mixing-function's and more

both Hitec radios come with an 8 channel receiver , 2 servos , receiver and transmitter NICD's and charger

my recommendation to get proportional driving and functions
( like a much more expensive Tamiya tank )
would be the :

Hitec Laser 6 channel 75 mhz FM radio-system $ 150.-
dual-ESC with onboard mixer ( for the driving )and firing-control $ 95.-
dual-ESC ( for the turret-rotation and gun elevation )  $ 75.-

with these items you would have a great R/C system
what could be very well used for any future R/C models you may get ...
the complied packet-price may seams high ,
but don't forget an Tamiya tank cost you around $ 500.- to $ 650.-
plus you have to buy an R/C system as well ( another $ 150.- )
means you are spending for an Tamiya tank with R/C system between  $ 650.- to $ 800.-
here you invest around $ 150.- in this tank ,
plus $ 320.- for the complied proportional R/C conversation

if there is any interest on this proportional R/C system upgrade
and you would like to buy these components from me , please let me know ,
( use the form below )
I would be more then happy to supply these components included with  detailed instructions and wire-diagrams
tailored for this 1/16 scale Tiger with airsoft-gun

if you already have a 4 or 6 channel radio-system ,
you can get of course also just the dual-ESC-controllers

if for the new-comers to R/C some of this stuff sounds to complicated ,
feel free to ask any questions you may have ....

( just fill out what you want , but please make sure you type your e-mail-address correctly ! )

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October  2004