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The A.C.E. website is dedicated to the hobby of 1/16 scale radio control model tanks.
Besides being a club with club members we also consider each other good friends.
In this site you will find photos, articles and links to both current and past events.
Plus other various links including r/c tank clubs that love this hobby as much as we, A.C.E. members do.
Please feel free to browse around and shoot us an email should you have any questions about anything you see here or interested in.
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N.Bethesda, MD 20852

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this years , 2017 , events schedule at the AAF TankMuseum

2017 Danville Schedule

March 17-19 ACE/AAF
"Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

This is a last minute announcement for 2 man tank battles

April 21-23 NEAD

April 28-30 DryFork-R/C ( non tank related event on invitation only )

May 26-28 HEAT

June 30-July 02 HEAT

July 21-23 DryFork-R/C ( non tank related event on invitation only )

Sept. 15-17 ACE/AAF
"Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

Oct. 13-15 DryFork-R/C ( non tank related event on invitation only )

Oct. 21-22 AAF - Dougs 2 man tank battles
this will be something very cool !
2 people operating one tank !
we have done this before - stay tuned for more info's !

Nov 10-12 NEAD

Dec 30 HEAT winter-fun-run

more info's and update's will follow , stay tuned !


and check out the new exciting updates to the R/C tank battlefield !
Trains on the battlefield !

click on the images for more


last years , 2016 , events schedule at the AAF TankMuseum

March 11-13 Heat
click here to see photos

April 1-3 ACE/AAF

May 20-22 Nead

June 24-26 Heat

Sept 16-18 / 2016 ACE/AAF
more info's to this "Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

Nov 11-13 Nead

Jan 7 Heat fun run

past events 2015 and earlier :

more info's to this "Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

APRIL 17-19 (Heat)
MAY 22-24 (Nead)
JULY 17-19 (Heat)

SEPT 18-20 (ACE-AAF)
more info's to this "Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

NOV 6-8 (Nead)
DEC 26 (Heat)

ACE was at the Northern VA IPMS show March 25th 2015
doing some R/C tank demos !

in memory of Henry

This one has some great videos !

check out all the action of past events !
since 2003
( this photo was taken 10 years ago = March 2005 )

and this is the place this action takes place

builds from our club members :

Daryl's tank upgrade parts
( the finest upgrade parts money can buy ! )

some of the past ACE outdoors events :
the first out-door tank-battle from ACE

A.C.E. Club Battle Meet 2007