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1/16 R/C T34/85

it's here now , a 1/16 scale ready to run T34/85
based on Trumpeter's 1/16 kit   

( fuer Deutsch hier klicken ...)

tank is shown here WITHOUT the extra detailing parts included
but it comes painted right out of the box ..light weathering and markings

here a photo from a finished detailed T34/85
click on the photo to see more of a "finished" T34/85

see below detailing parts included :
( they come already painted ! )




this T34/85 comes with an R/C system , but is unfurtenetly non proportional  27mhz
but with crystals to change,
to run several models at the same time :

driving-functions ( dual-motors / sealed gearbox )

strong turret rotation

gun elevation
main-gun firing ( with sound and LED flash )

it runs on 8x AA-batterys ( or rechargeable NICD or NIMH )
( the transmitter needs 8x AA's as well )

has working suspension :

and much better tracks as the static Trumpter kits :
with rubber tires on the rims

working front hatch and working headlight

and here a view of  the open chassis
room for modifications or additional electronics....

even without the detailing parts attached , for sure a nice model....
photos from my complied T34/85 ( with detailing parts ) coming soon

take a look inside for the fully proportional R/C upgrade :
(click on the photo to see more )

soon to come :
fully proportional R/C system including Tamiya's MF and battle-system

so stay tuned ......

if anybody wants 1 of these beauty's
drop me a line ...
Phone Number: