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Juckenburg 1/16 scale military kits made in Germany
1/16 scale Panther
Willys Panther illusion
Aaron's 1/16 Super Pershing
Aaron's 1/8 Jagd-Tiger
T-2000 Caterpillar ESC with inbuild 4-Channel Receiver
1/16 Sherman 4 channel upgrade
How to convert your Transmitter for independent control of the machine gun and main gun firing
Transmitter Stick-mode
Update on Tank-Gear-Reductions
"Heavy-Metal" Tiger gearboxes
New US-Military style tires
Dragonwagon project
Dragonwagon project CAB
Half-Truck-Crane project
1/16 scale R/C Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun
1/16 scale R/C Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun  R/C system upgrade
proportional R/C upgrades for tanks
1/16 Tiger 1 with airsoft-gun mechanical upgrades
HL Tiger 1 upgrade gearbox instructions
Willys Armory
Tiger 1 black&white photos
1/16 R/C T34/85
1/16 R/C T34/85 Deutsch
1/16 R/C T34/85 finished model
1/16 scale T34/85 prop R/C system upgrade
WSN T-34 upgrade to Tamiya TBU system
1/16 Airsoft Tiger1 and Mitsuwa T-34
Tamiya Sherman 4501
FAO about R/C tanks
WWII tanks
German Tiger
German Elefant
German JagdTiger

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