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                                   ( click on images to see them full-size )              12 / 11 / 2011  FC CSB 5


my main-hobby is the R/C model-building , ( as you can see on my main-webpage CustomRCmodels )
but I was always fascinated by the model-trains since the age of just 5 years old ,
that's when I did get my first HO train-set ( of course that was more my dad's toy at that time )
as I grew up and our HO layout kept growing , I always wanted a "big train" ,
finally my dream came true and with the age of 27 in 1985
I started with my first LGB set , " the blue train "
after that I went crazy , I had to get one locomotive and train-car's 1 after the other ....
from an indoor-layout ( in my living-room and kitchen ) it went to an out-door-layout
since I moved to the US the gardenrailroading was set temporarily on the back-burner
now , being big time involved in R/C trucking and tanking
( check my events page : CustomRCmodels/Events )
I want to incorporate the LGB into my truck- and tank-play
in the meantime I am using Bachmann Spectrum locomotives
and modified train-car's ...

my friend Ernest in GA has a fantastic area where we just got together to do a
R/C tank-battle-event and he is also big time into the R/C trucks ,
so therefore we are planning to set up a large out-door-rail-road on his property
mainly to be used as our transport-system for all our 1:16 scale trucks and tanks
but also as a background-display
the LGB is large , it's in 1:22.5 scale , still to small for the 1:16 scale trucks and tanks,
but with some imagination and some modifications it can be used with 1/16 and 1/18 scale stuff...
below you see some photos of a test-setup with the LGB mixed with 1/16 and 1/18 scale vehicles..


click here, to read about my scale-study and idea's how to modify the scale-appearance

my all time favor , the LGB 2085 Mallet....

the LGB Sumper Valley Mallet , awesome locomotive.....

12/13/2005   I guess I found what I was looking for .......
check these photos with a Bachmann 1:20.3 scale Diesel-loco

click on the photos to see more...

10/28/2006 Military Train 1-16 scale

here are some sample's how I bean incorporating these 1:20.3 scale modified ,
or shell I say cheated to 1:16 scale , diesel's in R/C trucking and tanking events

R/C trucking event in Indy 2006

BOG-A-Rama 3 April 2007

BOG-A-Rama 3 continued May 2007

R/C Trucking in Indy 2007

BOG-A-Rama 4 November 2007

BOG-A-Rama May 2008

R/C Trucking in Indy 2008

R/C tank-battles in Danville 2009

R/C Trucking in Indy 2009

5/2007 video from trains and trucks in action :

size 320x240 , 31.7 MB  12min28sec
size 640x480 , 130 MB !  12min28sec

and the lastest video's with the 1:16 scale diesel's in action :

Trains & Trucks May 2010 Part 1

Trains & Trucks May 2010 Part 2

01/19/2008 conversion to R/C on Bachmann's 1:20.3 scale 45 ton diesel

01/15/2008 and here another 1/16 scale illusion project
Bachmann's 2-8-0

here are some indoor-test-video's ,
nothing spectacular , I did that mainly to test a camera
and some sound-effects.....

LGB Crocodile  18.5 mb               LGB Stainz  4.5 mb        exploding rail-car  4.7 mb

to see more ( and better ones ) video's from my model's ,
go to my video-page :

12/12/2005  Bachmann's  1:20.3 scale 2-6-0 Baldwin

click on photo to see more ...

12/13/2005  LGB's  1:22.5 scale "Oechsle" Diesel 2051

02/05/2006 LGB's Sumper Valley Mallet

click on the photos to see more of this fantastic steam-locomotive
( there is also a video ..... )

02/05/2006  LGB's 2085 Mallet

click on the photos to see more.....
( and a video ..... )

05/14/2006  LGB as tank-transporter

see differnt loco's in comparison ....

05/14/2006  Bachmann's 1:20.3 scale Shay

05/14/2006 Mallet-Project

this would be the largest one so far , bigger as the 2085 Mallet....

10/28/2006 I have plenty more photos of more scale-study's and loco-projects which I will post soon...

5/2008 my latest locomotive conversions for my 1/16 scale environment :

5/2008 modified Bachmann 2-8-0

5/2008 LGB Sumper Valley chassis+2085 Mallet body

1/2009 Bachmann's 2-6-6-2 Mallet

 4/2009 more 1/16 scale mock-ups :

German armored train

German military train project

09/2009 working on the railroad

10 / 2010  New video's :

Trains & Trucks May 2010 Part 1

Trains & Trucks May 2010 Part 2

12 / 2010  another 1/16 scale military train project WR360

 11 / 2011   The new Danville railroad

our R/C tank-battlefield in Danville,VA has now a train-yard !

GardenRailRoad full size images
Bachmann 1-20 scale 2-6-0 Baldwin
Bachmann Baldwin 2-6-0 scale comparison
Bachmann 1-20 scale Diesel loco
Bachmann 1-20 scale Diesel loco with  1-16 scale T-34
LGBs Oechsle Diesel loco 2051
LGB's Sumper Valley Mallet
LGB Mallet 2085
1-16 scale study
LGB as tank-transporter
Bachmann's 1:20.3 scale Shay
Military Train 1-16 scale
2-8-0 in 1-16 scale
Bachmann 1-20.3 scale diesel with R/C conversion
modified Bachmann 2-8-0
LGB Sumper Valley chassis+2085 Mallet body
Bachmann's 2-6-6-2 Mallet
German armored train
German military train project
working on the railroad
1/16 scale military train project WR360
The new Danville railroad
1/16 scale German HF200

Stunning Power Point presentation from real trains !

page is always under construction !


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