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R/C Trucking in Indy 2007

thanks to Ric & Cheryl Murphy  
( Precision Model Distributors, Inc. )
R/C truckers from all over the Country ( including Canada ) did meet again for a 4 day play+fun-weekend
at the Adams Mark Hotel in Indianapolis as part of the National Toy and Construction show

this fantastic R/C spectacle keeps getting better from year to year !
( and it should , we meet each year at the end of the show and discuss already the plans and setups for the next year show )

several new vehicles this year :
like a 35.000lbs forktruck from Ric , and a fantastic new lowboy with removable gooseneck


.....and not to forget the new WeCoHe Panther ! ( which we had on display )

since last year my to 1/16 scale bumped up G-scale garden-railroad was so well received ,
it had to be a part of it this year again ,
plus with my A.C.E. and MACV friends we demonstrated
how military vehicles could be incorporated in to this trucking and construction play

therefore , before I get in to listing all these fantastic trucks , constructions and farming vehicles ,
I first like to show mainly what we ( Roel , Jake and myself -ACE and Lynn and Dennis -MACV )
contributed to the this year's Indy trucking show

in part 2 of this show-report I will post all the photos and infos from all my trucking-buddies
which have bean always a major part of the past and present events
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lets start here with our ware-house and train-yard setup :
( click on the thumbnails to see the larger image )


                                             the hopper-train-cars have working hatches via R/C

a set of KT tracks ready for shipment          Roels Pershing at the warehouse

 the train-yard with tank-loading :
( click on the thumbnails to see the larger image )

modified Wedico lowboy with Lynn's T-34 , my KH-military truck ( new version ) ,
my fantasy Buessing 1/2 track and my 6 WD Krupp
modified train-cars based on LGB chassis  





the other ACE-MACV truck-fleet :
( click on the thumbnails to see the larger image )

                                                                        Willys MB 3850                                    Dennis Knight Hauler

Willys 6WD Globeliner                          Willys Military King Hauler

Roels Military Globeliner

and here we had a convoy going :

Willys Tanktransporter with Jake's Tiger 1 followed by Dennis with his Knight Hauler
and Jake driving my MB 3850 with Lynn's T-34 as load on a modified Wedico drop-deck

more to come soon ........" Part 2 of the Indy 2007 trucking "

we had several more areas with some fantastic action going on ,

like at Scott's warehouse :

at the Lumber-yard :

and the Gravel-pit :

and the Truck-stop :

to be continued ......