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BOG-A-Rama 4 November 2007
the 2007 Thanks-Giving tank-battle , trucking and train R/C spectacle !

 for 3 days and 2 nights you could hear the roar of the tank and truck engines
accompanied  by the firing sounds of the guns and the sounds from the train's steam and diesel engines

togethere with my ACE  buddy's ( ) we did again
the ultimate tank-battle , trucking , everything goes R/C fun-event !

for this event I did  major yard-work to give us even more space
and scale looking and challenging terrain
for the uppermost in driving fun for the tanks and trucks

as in the past , we did not only do exciting tank-battle's ,
we did again the hole nine yards with ware-house-setup ,
and tank recovery and supply transporting via trucks and trains

and since we always looking for new and differnt ways of battleing ,
this time we even had a train with a full-function gun to be thrown in to the battle-scenarios

this is a photo from the test-setup of this gun-train

it's the same gun we used for the first time in battle at the ACE club meet in MD

Bret's full option Panzer 3 goes on his first train-ride

and here we have one of our night-battle-scenarios :

With a Tiger 1 and Panzer 3  guarded bridge-repair-convoy
tries to sneak during the night throw the battle-scared BOG-town

A single T-34 ( which was hiding in the locomotive shed )
attempts to snipe the Panzer 3 which just get's unloaded from the train …

But the supply-truck ( which discovers the sneak-attack )  up front of the convey  “lightens “ the T-34
to make it an easy target for the Tiger 1 and the 88 on the rail-road-car