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the everything goes R/C feast's !

what is a BOG-A-Rama ?

it is a get- together in my own backyard with all my R/C buddies ...
no rules , just fun and everything goes ....
we play with tanks , trucks , trains and some other R/C stuff ...

this is how it started several years ago with my buddy Klaus from Germany :

( our first R/C play-times go back to the mid 80's in Germany ,
then we started doing these fun-play-weeks since the mid 90's here in the US .
but since I didn't use digital camera's till early 2000 , it starts here at 2004 ....
photos and videos from the earlier years I will post one of these days )

please note :
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November Trucking 2004

May 2006 train-play-time

open house at Willys place July 2006
( the first BOG-A-Rama ! )

tanking&trucking-weekend at Willy's Nov 2006
( BOG-A-Rama 2 )

BOG-A-Rama 3 April 2007

BOG-A-Rama 4 November 2007

BOG-A-Rama 5 May 2008

.....and don't forget :
Work is not everything ! Get a hobby !
enjoy Live ! Have fun with the R/C hobby!