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"Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

Location :
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with this link you can view and download the latest version as full size PDF file !
Adobe Acrobat Document

as you can tell by now , this is not the regular no-brain'r push-button tank-battle-event
we want to pack as much action as possible in these type events  
you should read this here below too , to get a better understanding what it's all about and why

Dougs June 2013 tank-battle event
 June 21, 22, & 23 - Doug's Pro/Stock Competition
and a review of the past 10 years and the start for a new style of R/C tank-battling !

and here more stuff from the past :
check out the action of past events !
since 2003
( this photo was taken 10 years ago = March 2005 )

battlefield registration form
if you are participating at the event , you will have to fill out this
" battlefield registration form " upon your arrival at the museum
here are 2 versions for download
the word-doc version is handy , if you want to fill it out on your computer prior arrival
as a participant you can also tour the museum !

if you are coming as a visitor , these fee's apply

if you want to become an AAF member
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Location :
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 photos and videos from this March 2015 event :

Custom RC Models at Danville

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