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"Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

ACE/AAF Danville R/C tank event. Sept. 18-20 2015!!
Get your tanks up to snuff and your hotel rooms if needed tankers!!
ACE and the AAF will be hosting this event which means adrenaline filled RT campaigns!!
We'll also be running more basic team deathmatch battles early and late in the day/evening.
We'll have quick inspections that will include:

Taking and giving hits.
Tank dies according to class.
Emitter tube is stock tamiya dimensions. No greater than 6mm ID, 9mm to bulb tip or greater.
Speed check with a +/- of 2mph on road speeds. (of course not very worried about the minus.)

Here are links to the schedule, an overview of the RT campaigns, and AAF tank museums website.
Lets start a head count and get this weekend fired up for some great trigger time and fun with friends.

Location :
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RC Tank Friends at Danville

H*E*A*T Armor

click on image to view PDF file

with this link you can view and download the latest version as full size PDF file !
Adobe Acrobat Document

photos and videos from the past March 2015 event

as you can tell by now , this is not the regular no-brain'r push-button tank-battle-event
we want to pack as much action as possible in these type events  
you should read this here below too , to get a better understanding what it's all about and why

Dougs June 2013 tank-battle event
 June 21, 22, & 23 - Doug's Pro/Stock Competition
and a review of the past 10 years and the start for a new style of R/C tank-battling !

and here more stuff from the past :
check out the action of past events !
since 2003
( this photo was taken 10 years ago = March 2005 )

battlefield registration form
if you are participating at the event , you will have to fill out this
" battlefield registration form " upon your arrival at the museum
here are 2 versions for download
the word-doc version is handy , if you want to fill it out on your computer prior arrival
as a participant you can also tour the museum !

if you are coming as a visitor , these fee's apply

if you want to become an AAF member
click this link :

Location :
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I will keep updating this site over the next week