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4wheeling in Danville Nov 2009
Sunday afternoon after the previous tank-battle-event and car-show ,
at the AAF-Tankmuseum in Danville , VA
Doug and myself had a blast running his new crawlers
and my old and new Tamiya trucks on the battlefield

check out these photos below !
the Danville Tankbattlefield is an awesome terrain / setup for all kind a trucking / crawler action !

here I am following Doug's Unimog crawler :

couldn't help it , we had to do some fun stuff with my Jeep ,
jumping it till we had some good crash-landings :
( you see here also Doug's Unimog again )

and here a edit version with some slow-motion sequences :

and here my F-350 bashing around till I flipped it :

we are doing our first all-weekend long trucking event
(click here to read more ! )
at the AAF TankMuseum in Danville , VA
Thanksgiving weekend !
Friday , Saturday , Sunday , Nov 27,28,29-2009

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