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"Rolling-Thunder" ACE-AAF event !

ACE/AAF Battle Weekend Danville VA March 17-19 2017

see at the bottom for a last minute announcement for 2 man tank battles !

Tankers it's time again to charge your batteries and get your hotel rooms if needed.
ACE and the AAF tank museum will be running Rolling Thunder scenarios with
team deathmatch type battles at the beginning and end of each day to warm up and cool down.
I've included the schedule and RT info as well as a link to the museum.
Also new to the battlefield is a longer train track section into a couple zones
so we have to watch where we are putting down our TX's between battles
as there will more than likely be train action going on throughout the day.
Trains at the AAF Tank-Museum

We will be conducting quick inspections to check the following:

Tank gives and receives hits.
Tank dies according to class.
IR emitter depth.
Apple obstructions.
Apple orientation.
Scale speed check with a tolerance of +2 mph ON road speed.

This is a STOCK apple configuration battle weekend unless the tank has a fixed structure in which case TFA is permitted.
The registration form is available below if you feel like getting a jump on things, just print/fill it out and bring it with you.

Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new tankers!!
If you have any questions please email me:
Bret Bensen - ACE

March 17- 19 / 2017 , is the Ace R/C tank battles at the AAF Tank Museum in Danville Va.
Come and watch teams compete and change the course of battles forever.
Watch anywhere from 20-35 participants of all ages from ages 8-75 battle on the field who are from all corners of the USA.
These battles will consist of 1/16 Ir Tamiya tanks on the Tank Museums 60x100 dirt indoor battlefield with axis and allied recovery trucks,
 Armoured battle trains, and our newly added Aerial attack planes(still in testing).
These battles are in depth with xo,co,platoon leaders.
Also added  are objectives such as clearing mine fields, fueling zones, clearing bridges, and much much more.
So come on out and be apart of history and the excitement with the Ace Radio control Tank battles at the AWESOME AAF Tank
Douglas Gasser - AAF Tank-Museum

Here are links to the schedule, an overview of the RT campaigns, and AAF tank museums website.
Lets start a head count and get this weekend fired up for some great trigger time and fun with friends.

Location :
click on the banner ! Lot's of Info's about this awesome place !

check out the action from past events :


RC Tank Friends at Danville

H*E*A*T Armor

battle event schedule :
click on image to view PDF file

with this link you can view and download the latest version as full size PDF file !
Adobe Acrobat Document

as you can tell by now , this is not the regular no-brain'r push-button tank-battle-event
we want to pack as much action as possible in these type events  
you should read this here below too , to get a better understanding what it's all about and why

Dougs June 2013 tank-battle event
 June 21, 22, & 23 - Doug's Pro/Stock Competition
and a review of the past 10 years and the start for a new style of R/C tank-battling !

and here more stuff from the past :
check out the action of past events !
since 2003
( this photo was taken 10 years ago = March 2005 )

to help expediting the check-in to participate in this awesome R/C tank battle action
you could already print out this form and bring it with you !

battlefield registration form
if you are participating at the event , you will have to fill out this
" battlefield registration form " upon your arrival at the museum
here are 2 versions for download
the word-doc version is handy , if you want to fill it out on your computer prior arrival
as a participant you can also tour the museum !

if you are coming as a visitor , these fee's apply

if you want to become an AAF member
click this link :

Location :
click on the banner ! Lot's of Info's about this awesome place !

 This is a last minute announcement for the upcoming Rolli’n Thunder R/C tank battle event this weekend at the AAF tank museum in Danville , VA

“ 2 man tank battles “

Later on this year we are planning an R/C tank battle event with 2 man tanks –
Which means we will have 2 people operating one tank –
One is the driver – the other is the gunner –
We have done that already a few times in the past and it is a blast !
During our this weekends Rolli’n Thunder event we want to get a head start on this –

How is this done ? –
fairly simple :
2x receivers in one tank –
to one receiver we connect the driving channels = throttle and turning = channels 1+2
and the second receiver will be connected to the turret / gun functions = channels 3+4
I would like to ask any of you are coming this weekend ,
if you have it , bring a second R/C system with you
= transmitter and a matching receiver
preferable Tamiya DMD/MFU compatible 2.4 ghz systems , since with them we don’t have a interference issues inside the tanks –
no need for computerized fancy R/C systems , just 2x ordinary 4 channel stick radios will work fine
like the Futaba 4YF , the Museums shop has them in stock :

( as well the parts needed for the spring-loaded throttle setup )
this Futaba 4YF has a very small receiver , easy to install 2x of them in one tank
you don’t have to use 2x of the same brand / model R/C systems , you can mix /match here ,
as long that system will work with the Tank DMD/MF units
 ( there are some exceptions , some 2.4Ghz systems don’t work very well or not at all with the DMD/MF units )
any older 2.4 ghz systems , like that old first 6 channel DSM Spektrum park-flyer system ,
the DX6 works good too ( I still use a lot of them for my trucks and tanks )…

the cheap FlySky systems , like the simple CT6 will work too –
just for the driving functions you could even use a 2 channel pistol grip transmitter ,
which is actually fun for the driving
( though not a good choice for a Pershing or any other tank
on which you have to engage the driving function via the trims , but still can be done )

there are several options how this can be done ,
but I am not covering everything now , that would get to long –
if you are interested in this 2 man tank action ,
 just bring whatever you have as spare R/C system and we will see how we get it to work

again, this is mend as an introduction to the upcoming 2 man tank battle event later on this year

when we did it first , years ago , I furnished a bunch of 75mhz synthesized 5 channel Novak receivers ,
which worked fairly well –
but with other 75 mhz systems , like the ones have full range receivers
with the long antennas created some issues – can be done too , but requires a little more work –

therefore Tamiya DMD/MFU compatible 2.4 ghz systems are recommend / preferred
if anybody is interested in more reading about R/C systems / stick-modes / DMD-MF functions / setups /
simple trick for the gun-firing without having to have a firing button installed on your transmitter ,
read these write ups I did several years ago :

How to convert your Transmitter for independent control of the machine gun and main gun firing

Transmitter stick modes

Tamiya DMD/MF setup and functions