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New 6WD Project
this is my latest 6WD truck project
got it done just in time for our tank-battle-event in September 2008

since my trucker-buddy Joe Murry can't wait to start his next truck-project ,
I am posting here some quick mug-shots of this truck


my goal for this truck was :
 to build up a 6WD with the least amount of custom made parts ,
in fact there is really only 1 part I made from scratch ,
a adapter plate to mount a transfer-case to the existing 3 speed transmission
(click on the image to see it larger )
from left to right :
rear plate F350 - rear plate truck - New rear plate for truck CRCM
it shows here only the rough cut , the final plate has cut-outs to fit between the frame-rails
(click on images to see them larger )

I wanted increased suspension-travel to use NON-locked axles
and still having enough traction in lose and uneven terrain
(click on images to see them larger )

I wanted to come up with a better drive-shaft-solution
instead of the dog-bone-setup between the 2 rear axles
(click on the image to see it larger )
the drive-shaft is now a solid connection ,
made out of 2x harden universal-joints bolted together
the bottom original solid suspension-links are replaced now with shocks ,
which allow the needed axle travel , since the drive-shaft-connection is now solid
as you can see on this photo as well ,
I raised the frame by adding spacers between leaf-springs and axles ,
and added an extension plate for the suspension-links ( shocks )
the adding on hight to the frame was also neccessary to give it an even leveled look
(click on the image to see it larger )
after mounting the TLT-1 axle with leaf-springs  
(click on the image to see it larger )
instead of the 4link setup
which I used on my 6WD Krupp Titan

see here are video of the 4link setup

the overall-wheel-base was shortened by about 20 mm ( 3/4")
(click on the image to see it larger )
by mounting the rear-axle carrier closer to the cab
( no extra holes drilled )
(click on the image to see it larger )
the main-reason for shorting the wheel-base was to use stock Tamiya drive-shafts ( from other models )
without having to modify them ...
again , the idea was here to create a 6WD truck with the least amount of extra machined parts
 as well using parts which are available without having to buy another entire kit ( like a complied F-350 )

here is a list of the major parts needed :
( besides small misc hardware )
TLT-1 axle
transfer-case parts from F-350
( to mount F-350 transfer-case to excisting 3 speed )
( from monster-trucks )
metal U-joints for rear-axle driveshaft

as soon I have made more of the rear-transmission-plates ,
I gone list here the entire conversion-kit in more details ,
and since I also have a source to get Tamiya parts for an affordable price ,
I will be able to offer complied conversion-kits

so far this truck proofed already several times at our Danville tank-battle-field
as being a real good performing setup

I hope this helps Joe ... more infos to come soon