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individual parts and models for sale
here I will list models and modeling items for sale from my friends

1/15 scale Panther

( photo above shows proto-type )

Henry sell's his 1/15 scale Panther kit
this kit was original manufactured by Markus Horn in Germany
heavy and solid chassis and gearbox construction out of 3 mm aluminum
upper hull and turret parts glass-fiber laminate
all metal tracks , machined aluminum wheels
I upgraded his chassis with a high torque gearbox-setup with 94:1 overall gear-ratio
and 400 size long can high rpm ball-bearing motors for plenty of power

laser-cut 3 mm aluminum gearbox-frames with precision-cut Madler 0.5 module gear's

photos of a 1/15 scale Panther in the building stage

this is what an assembled 1/15 scale Panther looks like
photos are taken at the Danville battlefield showing Dick's 1/15 scale Panther
Zimmerit and paint-job done by Jake  

and here you are some videos from a 1/15 scale Panther

if you are interested and need more info's ,
please contact