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Mason&Dixon trucking
Mason&Dixon was a trucking-company , headquarters in Kingsport,TN
which expanded over the entire east-cost from the South to the North
from the mid 1930's till the mid 1980's

a friend of mine , ( diecast model and toy collector )
ask me to make him a R/C model of a Mason&Dixon truck

Mason&Dixon used mainly Mack trucks ,
but when I found out
that they also operated a  Commodity service division for heavy equipment transports  
as well a tanker line which for both they operated not only Mack's but Freightliners
and Peterbilts as well

I figured I had to give one of my King Haulers a face-lift ...

the idea here was to give it the paint-job like on the old Mack's , meaning to get rid of most of the chrome
and paint most of the chrome-parts and I wanted it look like kind a special anniversary edition,
since I wanted to use the company-logo's from the diffrent time-frames from the Mason&Dixon line

at first they had silver trailers with the blue Mason&Dixon sign with the white writing
and later on they had light blue trailers with the Lee&Grant logo
even thought this photo shows a Ford , there main fleet was Mack's

therefore my first Mason&Dixon truck is a mix out of these 50 years

click on the thumbnails to see the full size image

a Mack-truck is already in the works ,
I found a Mack-Sidewinder body in 1/16 scale

and I did a sample Trilex rim

for the ones wondering how I did the Trilex rim :
I used the rear rim from this 1/16 scale Trilex rim set
cut it all up till I just had the inner portion left over
and inserted that in a outer rear Tamiya rim

the same guy I am getting the Mack body from ,
has these Trilex inserts in the works
left for 1/16 scale , right for Tamiya scale
I just wish he would have chosen the rounded spoke-design for the rears .....
well , we will see how they do look , I am waiting for a sample-set ...

means the next Mason&Dixon truck should look something like this