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300 ton Clark&Son low-boy

here is something special which will drop chins at every R/C trucking-event you go !
a 300 ton low-boy in 1/16 scale !
Ric Murphy from Precision Models Distributor ( )
presented this monster at the this years R/C trucking-event in Indianapolis  

in these photos you see this 1/16 scale low-boy hooked up to my custom-build 1/14 scale Tamiya 6WD Globeliner
and as load we used the model of a 1/20 scale Tamiya Mammoth dump-truck

this low-boy has steering in the rear-dolly and is mend to be driven with 2 people ,
one is driving the pulling tractor and the second person controls the rear
even thought this low-boy is extremely long , because of the steering in the rear dolly
you can swing this monster around smaller turns as what you could do with a regular 40 or 53 foot trailer model !
we drove this monster all over our layout without any problems !
later on I had to try the single-driver setup ...
I used a second receiver in the rear dolly and controlled the pulling tractor and the rear steering via just 1 transmitter !
after getting used to it , it was not that hard to drive it ,
in fact , I had a blast !

check out the video :

320x240 resolution , 12.5 mb , 3 minutes

720x480 resolution , 45.1 mb , 3 minutes